Local versus Organic

That’s the trouble with too many choices…sometimes you have to make do with a combination of both.  I really enjoyed reading about the apple blueberry honey yogurt ginger tart recipe and the difficulty choosing between local and organic in the blog organic or local.   I think why not have both? Maybe San Fran is the mecca for food.  But hey, we can’t all live there.

But that’s what we are trying to focus on at Blissful Seed except not with food.  We want to provide organic t-shirts for local people within the U.S. Our mission includes to provide original art work design on organic cotton tees and to keep the carbon footprint as minimal as possible.  We select suppliers close to the Midwest and do all of our finishing product with people within that vicinity.  And finally, they ship the product to Chicago where it’s still 40 degrees in April.  

We are new and launching in May but we are hopeful that people can see our efforts and vision behind remaining as “organic” as possible because if you have a product that’s 100% organic but the carbon footprint is miles away in let’s say India, (the leading country in organic cotton) how “organic” is your product?  

So when you see a local and organic product, you can think of Blissful Seed and think of supporting both local and organic products.  Let me go make that apple blueberry honey yogurt ginger tart in the name of local and organic.  I just have to find the ingredients first in this rainy 40 degree weather.