Green packaging options for organic t-shirts 

The other day I was thinking about how to be more efficient with packaging for the organic t-shirts.  At first, I thought of using the cylinder Quaker oats packaging but then I thought well, I may need special permission.   Maybe I will pursue that route but that may need some more researching and planning because I really do want to work with big companies that promote well-being.  Who better than Quaker Oats, huh?

Well, then, I read the Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Crafty Ideas.  I really enjoyed the suggestion about the Angry Chicken and how unrelated women came together to remake vintage clothing.  Then, I came across the Recycle Grocery Bags into Eco Packaging.  Brilliant!  It’s so practical and nifty. We, at Blissful Seed, are starting small so that is very accessible for our company.  We want to pride ourselves on making the least carbon footprint not just for Earth day but every day.