Smart wines


I love hearing about how food and beverage companies are making business more sustainable.  That’s awesome!  I mean, it doesn’t get any better than in the wine department.  Do want to recycle your old wines bottles for more wine?  Why, yes of course! How simple!  What a no brainer.  Like Sami says just reuse your wine bottle, duh!  And I especially like the note about going to the Michigan wineries.  Hello!?  Roadtrip, anyone?  Of course, that would only include anyone in the Midwest close to Michigan. Sorry everyone else.  

So Sami, no you can’t go on the airplane from the southeast area of where you live because yes, that would defeat the purpose. Sorry.  Ah, Midwest living, it’s a love-hate relationship especially here in Chicago especially in the winters.  Nothing a little wine can’t solve.   We have to take advantage of every opportunity to save the planet even one wine bottle at time.  I have to contact my friends who are from Michigan, maybe they’ll meet me there.  Then, I can get some of those lovely blueberries that I love there, too.  

Okay, back to the sustainable practices.  Yeah, that’s great!  More power to businesses that make it their business to exemplify green methods and practices.   I hope to partner up with more local businesses in Chicago, large and small who really try to incorporate every little bit.  I think a little goes a long way.  I think all eco-business  should  be working together.  I think we are moving in that direction and we should have a wine toast to that, cheers!  Thanks, Charlie!