Three cheers for $50 million! 

Organic farming is getting the green light from the Obama administration. A  nice green light worth $50 million.  That’s positive in many ways but it is especially great for two main reasons.  One, it creates more jobs right here in the U.S.  (We all know many people are searching for jobs as I write these words.)  Two, it allows for less impact on the environment making less of a carbon footprint.  And furthermore, it allows organic farming to gain even more momentum for the American family.

This comes on the heels of Canadian governmental funds backing farmers with $1 billion loans.   The Canadian organic market is seeing tremendous growth in organic farming, and the government is providing new, current and co-operative farmers with financial support.  In addition, Canada will be getting more regulation on organic products on June 30 to ensure proper food labels.

This oversight and regulation is much needed here in the U.S. but one step at time, right?  I am not complaining just cheering for more opportunities like this for the organic industry.  One small step at a time.