Launching stories 


So now that we have launched the work really begins??  Well, in a word, yes!  To begin, the launch was great because I was finally able to see all the soft organic cotton tees.  They are beautiful.  Well, I’m not biased but they do have this soft feel to them.  Maybe it lacks the 1/3 of a pound of insecticides and fertilizers it takes to make a single conventional cotton t- shirt.  Ah, the soft feel of real cotton.  Anyways, I learned so many wonderful things as an owner.   I learned how to plan my time well, organize all of the paperwork, connect with others.  But the most important skill I acquired was how to fold a t-shirt.  There is my work-out for the week.  I am so proud of myself.  I have a lot of respect for retail sector.  Now that the t-shirts are folded neatly, we added the hand tag and wow, it really looks professional.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Actually, I am very impressed with myself.  All it really took was a 90%guts and a 10% sweat (pat on the back).

So here was my week-end.

 Top ten list for a successful photo shoot.

10. First, I called and confirmed the photo shoot.  Yes, models have it hard too.  Thank goodness for my good-looking friends.

9. I folded and folded and hummed my way through the inventory.  I love my organic t-shirts.  I think I have a new song.

8. I noticed that there are an unlimited amount of designs for next month.   Funny designs are next.

7. Next, made a run to the grocery store for appetizers and wine for the pre-modeling meet-up.  Yes, these models eat.  They loved those olives from the olive bar.

6. Then, we all got together and made sure all of us had the right shirts/sizes.  

5. Daydreamt about new designs that involve veggies.

4. The glamorous part: I cleaned my home (enough said).

3. We went to the nature museum and thankfully the day was absolutely beautiful.  A little cool by the lake but not one raindrop!   I love Chicago.

2. The photographer, Hector, was able to shoot the photos at two locations. The lily pool was the best!

1. Finally, thanked everyone from the photo shoot with Mexican food.   Then collapsed on the couch with a smile on my face.