Eco-map for San Fran, let’s plan it for Chicago! 

Top ten reasons why Chicago should get an Eco-Map
Yes, maps!  I would like a map that tells me the carbon footprint for each neighborhood.  That’s what they’re doing in San Francisco.  I think they are making Chicago less green if you ask me.  I mean, there is more news about that city deal with the parking meters than a  real recycling program.  That would be very interesting to see the carbon footprint for each neighborhood in Chicago.
Transparency !
  • 10)This is a great tool for people to use and it gives a clear, bird’s eye view of our impact on the environment.
  • 9) We are one of the finalist for the Olympics 2016, hello, this would only improve the green city even more.
  • 8)Cities are the world’s major source of greenhouse gases consuming 75% of the world’s energy. Whoa, what a waste!
  • 7) It’s a competition to see who has the lowest to reduce the carbon impact.  Americans love competitions.
  • 6) This eco-map is a tool for the community providing local resources for people to monitor and reach their goals.
  • 5) Everyone loves a good map.  I love great maps.  Its a strange trait for a girl.
  • 4) This brings people together.  When your neighborhood begins a recycling program you feel important ( I really wish we can get a blue bin here.  I have to drive to recycle my bottles, cans, plastic, etc).
  • 3) These types of programs empower people.  With these eco-maps, residents can make decisions to reduce their carbon footprint even more.
  • 2) Citizens can collaborate with other residents.  Thus, this will allow for better decisions in the future to evaluate the cost, benefits, and environmental impact for each zip code.
  • 1) Less pollution goes hand in hand with other sustainable companies making the minimal carbon impact such as Blissful Seed where all the work is done all in close proximity.   AH! My conscious is clear and my work is done here.