Designs and more launching stories

  DSC_0036 I really do appreciate my friends.  Don’t they look like they are having fun?  We did have so much fun.  All of these people were so generous with their time.  The photo shoot  for Blissful Seed took about a total of 2 hours give or take the social gathering we had back at my home.  These lovely girlfriends know each other since they were toddlers.   I would really like to know how they are so photogenic.  Maybe it has to do with the fact they are enjoying the weather.  Chicago is such a beautiful city.  I was so concerned about the weather but everything just turned out wonderful.    


The funny thing was how there was this young fellow playing the guitar by the pond just below that bridge (Nature Museum).  We took some more pictures by the pier and then all of us just walked  back to the bridge.  Then, all of a sudden this guy approached one of these young women flirting and she was married!   Very bold of him.  It was like out of a movie.  The funny thing she said in her charming Romanian slight accent, “That was very flattering.  When you are married sometimes people treat you like you are leper.”  I thought it was funny.  


  1. Anyways, I digress! So what makes a good design?  I think good t-shirt design is relative but for the most part it should include the following traits: 1) Nature, it never fails to take a simple design to highlight anything in nature.  Did you like the flower with a woman in the middle??     
  2.  Smart and sustainable designs that grab your attention.  Hence, the wind power t-shirt design.  Tell me what you think.   
  3. Funny designs are always a great conversation starter.     
  4. Personally, I think anything to do with fruits and veggies should be showcased more. 
  5. Anything to do with literature or reference of a book.  I love the children’s book author, Eric Carle.  I was a teacher for 6 years.     
  6. Sustainable symbols are great especially for a green company.   
  7. People or maybe even cartoon characters but new ones.     
  8. Weather should be more personified….it has character.    
  9. Office characters are very amusing.  I can thing of so many right now from my last job.     
  10. Endangered species are good because they promote awareness.  Oh, of course floral designs for the women.  I need to post my panda design.     

 Check out Eric Carle. I want to be that enthusiastic when I am 80.