A Promise for a Green Future 

When I watched this video it gave me hope and somewhat power.  It was strange to say the least.  Are these actors? No, this is a documentary about how we as a community can be the change.  It was very inspiring but I have yet to see the documentary.

I want to collaborate with many people here in the Midwest and everywhere. I know I can and this video just gave me more hope, and call me idealistic, more inspiration.  No, I don’t want to see another movie that has more bombs and war.  I want a movie to inspire me to act positively and maybe this will do so.

I am just a small business, Blissful Seed, but I know each day I gain more and more momentum.  That gives me hope.  But what really drives me is to unite with other eco-minded individuals to create something bigger than me.  Not for money, not for fame, but rather for the improvement of people’s lives.  Sounds pretty ideal.  But I am hopeful I can be the change I want to see in the world.

I am going to start with small steps.  The next step is to get to work on that forum of mine.  Baby steps.